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We are not a middleman.  We are the Pinzi Doll Factory of Zijiang, China.  And we are selling our dolls to you at wholesale price.  that's why the prices are so cheap comparing to all other dealers.  Our neck bolt connector is the M16 size, which fits most heads produced by other Chinese factories.  You choose the head, the skin color, the eye color, and these following options!

Voice activation option

Voice activation option
Voice activation option Voice activation option
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This option will add voice to your doll.  There are sensors installed in the breasts, the butt, the legs, the arm, etc.  When squeezed, the doll will moan.  This is charged up with a USB cord.

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Welcome to Cleverdoll

See this Youtube video which demonstrates how voice activation works on our dolls.


These are our most popular heads.  We have more heads than just these.   Contact us for a full catalog. 



These are all the fun things to can add to your doll.  Eye color, standing or normal feet, nipple size, skin color, voice function, etc.  Contact us after you placed the order.

You can order the heat and voice option at this page. Just add heat or voice function into your shopping cart.

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