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[100cm -130cm]  [131cm -149cm]   [150cm -157cm]  [158cm - 170cm ]  [Doll heads only]

 It usually takes us 4 days to make the doll and 7 days to ship via FedEx or UPS.  Our factory is located in Zejiang,, China.

All prices are negotiable!!! Dolls can be equipped with self heating coils which heats up the whole body, voice activation, removable vagina, standing feet, etcContact us for a good deal! 

You can mix match any head with any body type.  And our neck bolt connector fits 95% of the sex dolls that are made in China.  Most Chinese dolls have a M16 bolt neck connector. 

See this Youtube video which demonstrates how the voice activation works on our dolls.



Pinzi doll

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